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I am borrowing page format format from digital. I kinda like the web thing.
It amuzes me. Anyways, I think I spend to much time bitching about stuff. It's all in my head anyways. Happienss, saddness, and everything is all in the head. I can control it. Kinda odd. I can sit there and change the way I feel about the day. Kinda sp ookes me out that it is that easy.

They'll never take me alive.
I'll never give up.
I'll never give in.

No matter how many times I end up on the ground bleeding...
I will always get up.
Every time I nearly die...nearly give in...
but I a much to stuborn of a prick.
I will not accept defeat.

It's amazing how often I say that to myself.

We are not great people....we will not do thigns that they will write in history books or even tell on the evening news...but we will do what we do and we will do with all the heart and all the blood and all the style that we have. It might be enough.
Enough for what?
who the fuck knows...
Maybe enough to keep the everyone from kill each other
maybe enough to keep the sprit of something greater than ourselved alive.
maybe just enough to see the sun tomorrow and still care.
I just hope I never die untill I am dead.

They'll never take me alive.

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