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There is no great universal purpose or reason for life. There is nothing outside looking in on us. That does not mean there is no purpose, but it is our place to decide what our purpose should be. The only one watching us is us. We are the architects of our own future. So what should we do?

Should we try to understand everything? Should be build something that lasts? Something beautiful? Something noble? Should we create? Should we destroy? There are many of us...we can do all these things. We are doing them now. We can almost certainly do them all better.

Nothing is right or wrong unless we decide that it is. Nothing is noble or good unless we pick some concept out of the ether and decide to tag those attributes on it.

We have inherited bodies and minds that are quite flexible and certainly not perfect, but they will serve.

Most of us continue like the animals we come from, we strive for survival and beyond that to activate the triggers pre-programmed into us that cause parts of our chemical brains to release things that make us feel happy. The struggle for life and happiness will always be there, but we need to set loftier goals or at least consciously choose our goals. Maybe simply being is enough of a goal for life, but if so it should be based on decisions rather than just continuing as we have before because of inertia and instinct.

What I think the purpose of life be will most likely differ from yours. However, your feet are not attached to mine so we can walk separate paths. We are not right or wrong any more than the numbers 3 and 4 are right or wrong. They are different. Maybe the purpose you see will be counter to mine. Maybe this will set us in contention with one another. I might fight you, but so long as you follow something you have chosen and think it the right thing to do, I will not hate you.

I think we all have a different view and will see a different path. I'm not saying there is a fate for each of us or karma or any such concept. I just think we will all see the same universe from a different angle and reach different conclusions. We should listen to one another but draw our own conclusions. But maybe I am wrong about that. Maybe you are surrounded by idiots and should listen to none of them. However, even idiots know some things. If something is true it will resonate within you. With that internal check, it does not matter where you get your data (friends, enemies, idiots, evil geniuses, god, etc).

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