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I recently posted a task on Amazon's Mechanical Turk for people to write 20 Haiku's for $0.50 each. Here is the result:

A boy and baseball 
He loved the game way too much 
and now it is over

The lines are painted 
The lines are painted white and 
They are painted black

A little green frog 
Sitting on a big brown log 
Jumps into the stream

Spam is snouts and lips. 
A homogeneous mass. 
Pass another slice.

The green faery is good 
She makes me see pretty things
And tastes so very good

Blogging, wasting time 
Spending hours online surfing 
How much did I learn

Fresh smell of dog poop 
Wafts through the open window 
Dog days of August?

Timeliness stillborn. 
The enduring pain of life. 
Flowers fade in the rain.

There's a chocolate cake 
it needs to be eaten soon 
I'll eat it right now.

I will eat the Spam, 
To satisfy my hunger. 
Where is the Pepto?

Wind blowing in trees 
Wrapping and bending with force 
Hairspray does not hold

Will I eat the food, 
Heaping mound of putrescence, 
or will it eat me?

Bed--comfy and warm. 
Where would I be without you? 
Uncomfy and cold.

Pitcher gets the sign. 
He is thinking to himself, 
"How do I throw strikes?"

why are you not here? 
the tile is done; the tub full. 
Evergrid is too dry.

I hate the mad dog 
He snaps He growls He whimpers 
He poops on my lawn

Pen clip clicks clicks clicks 
New guy whistles twee tee tee 
Madness, osmotic

I hate the summer 
It is always too hot out 
I hate my sunburns

I can't stand my job. 
I wish I'd win the lotto. 
Free money kicks ass.

economy bad stock 
market is really sad 
i am steaming mad

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